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About Rotherham

Forge Island is a unique development opportunity within the town centre of Rotherham.

With a population of more than 270,000, Rotherham sits at the heart of an urban area of almost 1.8 million people within the Sheffield City Region.

Recently named Yorkshire’s fastest growing economy, Rotherham hosts a number of high profile, world leading businesses. Boasting excellent infrastructure and transport links, Rotherham has huge potential and big aspirations.

1.8 million

Rotherham has a population of approximately 270,000, within the heart of the urban area of the Sheffield City Region, with a population of 1.8m.


A total of 8,500 study within Rotherham Town Centre at Thomas Rotherham and RCAT Colleges.

5 minutes

Forge Island is within a 5 minute walk of Rotherham Central Rail Station, Rotherham Interchange Bus Station and the upcoming Tram-Train link with Sheffield.

4 million

A total of 4 million people pass through the Rotherham Interchange site annually.

GVA 1.8%

Rotherham is the fastest growing-city economy in Yorkshire, and the eighth fastest growing economy in the UK - GVA 1.8% across October to December 2017.

£800 million

Sport, active leisure and tourism has a total economic value in excess of £800 million in the Sheffield City Region, supporting 50,000 jobs.


The Rotherham Economic Growth Plan sets a target of delivering 2,000 new homes within the Town Centre by 2025.


Located within Rotherham is the Advanced Manufacturing Park home to world-leading business such as Boeing, McLaren and Rolls Royce.

Engineering excellence

Rotherham has an amazing industrial heritage and its role within the industrial revolution is etched into the DNA of the place and its people. This is a town and area that made things, from bottles to cast iron fireplaces, and it still does today. The work ethic and skills of the population are shaping a new future for Rotherham, which respects where the place has come from but more importantly is uncovering and pursuing new opportunities.

Living green

Whilst Rotherham might have an industrial past and be known as a working town, the area is one of countryside with fantastic landscapes and views. If one just considers the borough, 70% of it is rural, with three country parks, five golf courses, popular cycling routes and access to a variety of water sports including sailing and wake boarding. So although you are next door to a city and well located for connectivity, this is a place where you can enjoy the green environment and find space to breathe.

Pushing boundaries

Rotherham is a town and area with ambition. As it seeks to prosper and build on past successes. It knows it needs to 'do things differently' and make full use of its assets. Rotherham wants to raise the bar in everything it does, from improving educational performance to regenerating the town centre. The watch word is 'excellence' and to achieve that the town will always seek to find the best examples of delivery and ensure they are uniquely Rotherham.